We offer a variety of courses to suit your motorcycling needs


Bedfordshire CBT

Compulsory Basic Training is the minimum legal requirement to enable you to ride on the road. It is not a test but a basic training course, ensuring that you have the right skills to keep you safe on the road. You will need a UK provisional or full driving license.

The course starts in the safety of an off road site and progresses at your own pace. teaching you about the controls and maintenance of the machine, then you go onto riding excersises, controlled and emergency braking, figure of 8, junctions that are marked out on the tarmac and U turns.  Once you and the instructor are happy with you basic riding skills, you then go out on an escorted ride for a minimum of two hours, with bike to bike radios, starting from a quiet village location once you have completed the course you will be given a C.B.T certificate.

At 16 you can ride up to a 50cc machine on "L" plates and at 17 you can progress to a 125cc motorcycle on "L" plates. The CBT is valid for two years. During this time you can move on to take your full bike licence, or re-new your CBT after the two years are up.

If you would like to go onto do your motorcycle license you will need to take a theory test.

To take your bike test You will need to bring your License, C.B.T. and Theory Certificate.

You can take your test on an automatic or manual bike, if you do automatic you can only ride automatic, if you do manual you can ride both.

To take your bike test you will need to do Mod 1 and Mod 2

(A1) Standard Age 17-19

Bedfordshire RFL

Take your test on a 125cc motorcycle, on passing you can only ride up-to a 125cc maximum 14.6bhp. 

You can remove your "L" Plates, carry pillion passenger and ride on motorways.


(A2) Middleweight Age 19+

Bedford Direct Access

This test will be taken on a larger motorcycle with maximum 47bhp.  On passing your test you can only ride up-to this size machine.

(A) Direct Access 

This test can be taken at the age of 21yrs if you have held an A2 licence for 2yrs

(A) Direct Access Age 24yrs

 This test is taken on a motorcycle 650cc Kawasaki ER6